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Immigration Reform Bill Protects Organized Crime Groups And Dirty Public Officials

Congress is poised to grant amnesty to about 20 million non-documented aliens who violated United States immigration laws, and further will provide immunity from prosecution to those who engaged in tax fraud, identify theft, document forgery and other crimes associated with their illegal status.  Incredibly, those who engaged in criminal behavior are not even required to come clean about their pasts in exchange for such sweeping immunity.  The willingness of Congress to ignore this criminal history is inexplicable given that border security supposedly is the quid pro quo for the amnesty program and its attendant immunity provisions, and the illegal aliens at issue could provide invaluable information against the Mexican drug cartels and other organized crime groups.

Typically when a prosecutor provides a criminal with immunity from prosecution the subject must confess all his crimes and cooperate against his cohorts.  However, under the current bill Congress is overlooking the opportunity to obtain intelligence data from the illegal aliens.  For example, learning the entry points at which they crossed, who escorted them over the border and whether any officials were paid off would help law enforcement to close border gaps, target smuggling groups (including drug cartels) and root out public corruption.  Moreover, once over the border, many illegal aliens engage in identity theft, tax evasion and document forgery, and often use the services of unscrupulous lawyers, accountants and other professionals to cover their undocumented status.

If Congress in fact is serious about border security under the pending bill then it should require that in exchange for amnesty and other immunities each illegal alien who applies is required to explain the circumstances in which he crossed the border and identify those who provided criminal cover for him once over the border.  Of course, this glaring deficiency in the so-called immigration reform bill would be apparent to the politicians if the advice of law enforcement was sought in its drafting but curiously they were kept out of the loop.

Indeed, U.S. border agents are calling on Congress  to scrap the bill as written because “if it ever became law, would be putting politics over public safety”  according to a joint statement from USCIS National Council president Kenneth Palinkas and ICE National Council president Chris Crane as reported by Matthew Boyle for Breitbart:  “The legislation was guided from the beginning by an anti-enforcement special interests and, should it become law, will have the desired effect of these groups: blocking immigration enforcement.”

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