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A Thank You For Mob Buster Seamus McElearney And His C-38 Squad

In January 2011 the FBI busted 120 suspected mobsters from Mafia families across the Northeast, and among those defendants were 60 reputed members and associates of the Colombo and Bonanno families thanks to the investigative work of the C-38 squad headed by Supervisory Special Agent Seamus McElearney as reported by The Washington Post.  Belle Chen, an assistant special agent in charge at the FBI’s New York Field Office, said “McElearney was a linchpin for massive investigations, making key day-to-day tactical and operational decisions, and engaged with his team members in convincing hardened criminals to break their oaths of silence and become cooperating witnesses.”

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Written by anon

November 13, 2013 at 10:57 am

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