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Domenico Rabuffo Charged With Mortgage Fraud

You can take the man out of the Mafia but perhaps you can’t take the crook out of the man.

Federal prosecutors have charged one-time Genovese associate Domenico Rabuffo for his alleged role in a $49 million mortgage fraud as reported by Erik Badia and John Marzulli for the Daily News:

Rabuffo made headlines in 1987 when his 400-pound business partner Irwin Schiff was whacked inside the Bravo Sergio restaurant on the Upper East Side.  Authorities discovered that Schiff and Rabuffo had ties to the Mafia and had carried out frauds together. Fearing that he was next on the hit list, Rabuffo ran to the feds for protection.  Later, he reinvented himself as a real estate mogul in Florida, but apparently did not go straight.

There was a reason those wily Genovese mobsters embraced Rabuffo in the first instance.

Written by anon

February 5, 2014 at 2:54 pm


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